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Boards, Committees, & Commissions

The City of Pittsburg has an array of boards and committees that support the city government by overseeing ordinances, planning and other official business in different sectors of the government. Members of these boards have been appointed to their position to improve the quality of life in Pittsburg.


Active Transportation Advisory Board

Assists in planning and development of non-motorized transportation.


Airport Advisory Board 

Reviews policy affecting airport operation, sets fees, and determines projects.


Building Code Board of Appeals/Building Trades Review Board

Considers requests for new and adjustments to building codes; reviews documentation regarding the qualifications of applicants for the building trades examination.


Downtown Advisory Board 

Acts as a deliberative and review body representing the interests of the downtown community.


Economic Development Advisory Committee

Makes recommendations to the City Commission on financial applications of businesses that want to use Revolving Loan Funds and considers tax abatement requests.


Farmers’ Market Advisory Board

Reviews and recommends programming, activities, and operating policies for the Pittsburg Area Farmers Market.


Human Relations Commission

Reviews discrimination complaints of any kind and attempts to resolve or refer them.


Land Bank Board of Trustees

Acquires and divests of properties with the goal of returning them to more productive use.


Library Board of Trustees

Review library operating policies, programs and facilities.


Memorial Auditorium Advisory Board 

Reviews and recommends programming of events at the facility, fee structures, and operating policies.


Neighborhood Advisory Council

Pittsburg residents who represent neighborhoods in all four quadrants within the city.


Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

Reviews and recommends programs, activities, fees, and facilities for the department.


Planning Commission/Board of Zoning Appeals

Reviews requests for variances in the zoning ordinances, establishes zoning districts and allowable uses, and reviews zoning regulations within the city.


Sustainability Advisory Committee

Assist the City Commission and City staff to establish goals and priorities for future environmental protection practices involving waste reduction, recycling, energy conservation and natural resources.