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Press Release – Rouse Street Speed Limit

City of Pittsburg

July 17, 2017

Speed Limit Change Coming for Rouse Street

PITTSBURG, Kansas – The Governing Body, in its meeting of April 11th, 2017, adopted Ordinance
No. G-1267, setting the maximum speed limit on Rouse Avenue between Centennial Drive and the north
City limit to 35 miles per hour. This change was brought forth by the Traffic Advisory Board to create
a uniform speed for Rouse Avenue and address safety concerns focused on increased pedestrian traffic,
increased residential development, and increased commercial development along the Rouse Avenue
Traffic and Communications crews will begin preparing and installing new 35 mph speed limit signs on
Rouse Avenue on Monday, July 17th. However, the new 35 mph speed limit will NOT be enforced until
Monday, July 31st, which will allow for the sign replacement process to be fully completed.
For questions regarding this change, please contact the Public Works Department at (620) 231-4100.


Press Release – Rouse Street Speed Limit (PDF)