Communications & Media Relations

News & information

The City of Pittsburg strives to be a transparent government. Information about local government and the community are available and easily accessible to all citizens. The City regularly posts news about City projects, plans, funding and future goals in an effort to inform citizens and empower them to participate in their government.

Open meetings

City Commission meetings are always open to anyone wishing to attend. The same is true for committee and board meetings.

City commission meetings are televised and are streamed live on the City’s webcast.

Open records

Open records requests are available on the City’s website or by contacting the City Clerk’s Office at or 620-231-4100.

Social media

The City of Pittsburg maintains and updates several avenues of social media, including Facebook and Twitter. Citizens may find news and information of interest on the following Facebook pages:

City of Pittsburg Twitter @PittsburgKS

City of Pittsburg Facebook

Pittsburg Police Department Twitter @PittPD

Pittsburg Area Chamber of Commerce Facebook

Downtown Pittsburg Kansas Facebook

Pittsburg Parks & Recreation Facebook