Farmers’ Market Vendor Application

General Information


2019 Market Dates

Saturday, April 13 – Saturday, October 26
Saturday selling time: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm

Wednesday June 5 – Wednesday, August 7
Wednesday selling time:  TBA


Full Time Vendor

A Full Time Vendor is anyone who attends the market 15 or more times.  Intended days of participation must be marked on the vendor application.  Vendors must make absences known to the Market Manager by 5:00 pm on Wednesday prior to Saturday’s market.  A $35 per Saturday fee can be assessed for missing the market.

Full Time Vendors pay a $200 seasonal fee with their application, plus 3% of sales on each market day the vendor sells at the market.  This fee is applicable to any vendor selling on Saturdays or Wednesdays. The 3% is due to the Market Manager at the end of each market day.

Fees:  $200 for the season plus 3% of sales each market day.


Part Time Vendor

A Part Time Vendor is anyone who plans to attend the market 14 or less times through the season.  Applications will be accepted as space is available for Part Time Vendors.  Part Time Vendors are limited to fourteen (14) appearances per season; however, the number of visits can be adjusted by the Market Manager or Advisory Board if space is available.

The Part Time Vendor pays no season fee but pays the daily rate of 6% of sales on each market day the vendor attends.  All Part Time Vendors must pay a minimum fee even if their percentage of sales does not meet the minimum.  The minimum fee is $5.00.

 Fees:  6% of daily sales or $5 minimum. 


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