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Farmers’ Market Rules and Regulations

Our Mission:

The Pittsburg Farmers’ Market operates as a dynamic, producer-only farmers’ market that contributes to the success of local food growers and producers by serving as a business incubator to strengthen our local economy and serve as a community gathering place while contributing to the education and health of southeast Kansas residents.


Pittsburg Area Farmers’ Market will

  • Create opportunities for producers to sell their products directly to consumers
  • Provide consumers opportunities to buy local products directly from producers
  • Bring together families, neighbors, visitors and local food producers to create a sense of community and social gathering
  • Provide a vehicle to educate the community on the nutritional, environmental and economic value of buying local, sustainably-produced, farm products


Market Rules and Guidelines

                  1. The Market is a producer-only market with producers living within a 75-mile radius of the Market location (11th & Broadway, Pittsburg, KS).


                  1. Vendors must raise, grow, and/or make their products sold at the market. No resale of products is allowed.  Producers may not sell products purchased from wholesale or retail sources or products from other growers.  On the first violation, a producer will be warned and asked to remove the product(s).  A second violation determined will require the removal of the vendor from the market.  Exception to this rule – the sale of bottled water is permitted.


                  1. A regularly employed agent of the vendor may sell the products grown or made by said vendor. The employee should be involved in making/producing/harvesting the product and knowledgeable about the product.  Exception to this rule – in times of need, a vendor may man the booth of another market vendor to sell their produce for them.


                  1. CSA or CSA-like business contracted or delivered from the market property or in conjunction with market hours of operation must follow market guidelines.


                  1. Any complaints by a vendor alleging reselling by another vendor shall be submitted to the Market Manager in writing. The name of the complainant will be kept confidential.  The members of the Board of Directors will then investigate the claim and will notify the complainant of investigation results.


                  1. The Market Manager, designated Committee member or City staff, will make inspections of all producers at their home to verify that they are growing/creating the products to be sold before the season starts. All producers are subject to as many as 2 inspections throughout the year as well as any time a complaint has been made.


                  1. Vendors must comply with the market application process. Participation of all producers in the maker is contingent on approval of the Board or Committee.  Vendors cannot sell until the application has been approved.  Every effort will be made to make approval within a one week time frame, but time for inspection and interview must be made available.


                  1. The Board or Committee will use the application process to encourage a product mix at the market. Returning vendors will be given first option to return.  Then, produce growers shall be given highest priority, followed by value-added food for human consumption and plan producers, and then handmade crafts.


                  1. Parking is assigned by the Advisory Board or Market Manager. Vendor space is 10 feet wide by 14 feet deep.  Vehicle parking is adjacent to rear of vendor space.  All products and displays must be contained within the allotted vendor space.  There are grooves in the concrete designating the space boundary lines.


                  1. Vendors are responsible for the collection and payment of any required sales tax. A copy of the Kansas Sales Tax registration certificates must be furnished to the Market Manager within 3 weeks of vendor application approval.  Registration information can be found at  This does not apply to a non-profit organization visiting the market.


                  1. Vendors are responsible for knowing and abiding by all Kansas Department of Agriculture regulations regarding their products.
                  • KDA and K-State’s publication, Food Safety for Kansas Farmers Market Vendors: Regulations and Best Practices may be found online at
                  • KDA permits the distribution of samples at Kansas Farmers Markets provided the vendor complies with the food safety regulations outlined in the regulations.
                  • Scales must be certified.


                  1. Vendors must abide by all laws provided by the state in regards to EBT/Vision/SNAP card (food stamps) and Kansas Senior Farmer’ Market Nutrition Program Vouchers. These forms of payment are NOT to be traded around after the point of sale but must be redeemed properly.  If this rule is not followed, the market could lose the opportunity to have the EBT sales available for market use.


                  1. Vendors are expected to stay within their assigned areas and not interfere with other producers customers. Vendors are expected to act in a professional manner towards other market vendors and customers.  The first violation a producer will be warned.  A second violation will result in the termination of the vendor approval, and said vendor will be removed from the market.


                  1. Vendors must, at all times, conduct themselves in a pleasant and courteous manner. Controversial topics shall not be discussed or displayed by vendors at the market.


                  1. No sales prior to the opening bell at 8:00 am on Saturdays. Vendors shall be in place and ready for sales on time.


                  1. Vendors shall provide their own change, sacks and other supplies.


                  1. Each vendor should set his/her own prices. All prices should be clearly posted. Vendors are urged to sell at a fair market price.  Dumping is not allowed.  Dumping is defined as “charging significantly less than current market rates for a product with the objective of gaining an advantage over other producers”.  Any vendor wishing to give his/her product away will be connected with a local feeding program or charity.


                  1. There shall be no live animal sales or producer pets allowed at the market.


                  1. Vendors shall be responsible for cleanup and removal of waste from their market spaces. The provided trash cans are for customers only – NOT for cull products. Any cull/waste produce/products must be taken with producers for disposal.  Dumping of wastewater is not allowed via city ordinance.


                  1. Vendors should not smoke on the market premises, according to Kansas law.

                  Contact Information

                  Parks and Recreation
                  710 W. 9th St.
                  Pittsburg, KS 66762
                  Phone: (620) 231-8310 Fax: (620) 230-5636

                  Hours of Operation:

                  Monday - Friday
                  8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

                  Inclement Weather Hotline
                  (620) 232-PARK
                  (620) 232-7275