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Native Plants

Using native plants provides many benefits to wildlife, ecosystems, landowners, and homeowners. Learn more about native plants and why they are important to our ecosystem!



What is a native plant?

A native plant is one that was growing in North America before the Europeans settled here. These plants have evolved naturally, spreading seeds by animals, birds, wind and water, and adapted themselves to our specific environmental conditions. There are hundreds of plants that are native to Kansas and Missouri.


What isn’t a native plant?

Non-native plants are spread accidentally or deliberately by human intervention. Sometimes these alien plants become invasive and threaten the continued existence of our regional native plants.


Reasons for growing native plants

The benefits for growing native plants are compelling! Consider the following. Native plants:

  • Require little maintenance
  • Add beauty to the landscape and preserve our natural heritage
  • Provide food and habitat for birds, butterflies and other desirable wildlife
  • Are self-sustaining, vigorous and hardy
  • Protect water quality by controlling soil erosion and moderating floods and droughts