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Pittsburg City Commission Recap – October 24, 2023

City Press Releases

November 3, 2023

PITTSBURG, KS – The following actions were taken at the Pittsburg City Commission Meeting on Tuesday, October 24, 2023:


Public Input:

  • Bishop Walter Simpson from Lighthouse Temple Ministries shared a prayer of invocation.
  • Joella Skyles asked questions regarding the East Quincy project.
  • William Strenth asked questions regarding the development of Silverback Landing.


The following items were approved under the consent agenda:

  • The September 12, 2023, City Commission Meeting minutes.
  • The September 25, 2023, Special City Commission Meeting minutes.
  • Staff recommendation to award the bid for the City’s Tree Removal Project, to include sixteen trees from various intersections within the City, to CTC Disaster Response, of Topeka, Kansas, in the amount of $19,200.
  • The Appropriation Ordinance for the period ending October 24, 2023, subject to the release of HUD expenditures when funds are received.


The following item was removed from the consent agenda for further discussion:

  • Commissioners approved the purchase of twenty-two sets of bunker gear and fifteen pairs of boots for use by the Pittsburg Fire Department from First Due Fire Equipment in the amount of $70,108.59. The fire department is kicking off a new rotation to equip firefighters with two sets of gear. This purchase would allow firefighters to have an extra set of clean bunker gear if they respond to multiple fire calls in one day. Surplus equipment no longer in use would be offered as a donation to any area fire agencies that can use them.


The following items were considered under the main agenda:

  • DISPOSITION OF BIDS – EAST 27th TERRACE & 27th STREET RECONSTRUCTION PROJECT –Commissioners voted to award the bid for the East 27th Terrace & 27th Street Reconstruction Project to Heck and Wicker, of Parsons, Kansas, in the amount of $923,139.58. The project covers the reconstruction of 27th Street from Broadway to Joplin next to the north Walmart Supercenter location, and 27th Terrace in the northeast industrial park.
  • LETTER AGREEMENT FOR PROFESSIONAL SERVICES – OLSSON STUDIO – Commissioners voted to approve a Letter Agreement for Professional Services with Olsson Studio in the amount of $178,000, in which Olsson Studio will provide services associated with downtown planning.
  • RESOLUTION NO. 1271 – The Commission approved Resolution No. 1271, relating to the implementation of a Code of Ethics Policy for City of Pittsburg elected officials and employees.


Non-Agenda reports and requests:

  • Director of Public Works & Utilities Matt Bacon updated the community on the East Quincy project and answered questions brought up in public input. Currently, the 300-working day contract for the project has 79 working days remaining and the contractor is preparing to lay more concrete.
  • City Manager Daron Hall and Peter Earles with Earles Engineering and Inspection answered questions regarding Silverback Landing.
  • Commissioner Munsell asked about “No Jake Breaking” signs being removed along the 69 Bypass. City staff will follow up with KDOT regarding the signs, as 69 is a state highway.