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Pittsburg City Commission Meeting Recap – Jan. 24

City Press Releases

January 25, 2023

PITTSBURG, KS – The following actions were taken at the Pittsburg City Commission meeting held on Tuesday, January 24, 2023:



  • Chaplain Pete Mayo shared a prayer of invocation.
  • Tom Hayes, Dr. Michael Davidsson and Larry Seward provided an update on CDL and its impact on the local economy.


Commissioners voted to approve the following items under the consent agenda:

  • January 10, 2023, City Commission Meeting minutes.
  • The appointment of Gunner Mengarelli and Matt Kassawara to first four-year terms as members of the Active Transportation Advisory Board.
  • The appointment of Jeff Boschee and Kayla Riggs to first three-year terms, and Brad Hanson and Todd Loveland to second three-year terms as members of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.
  • The appointment of Audrey Ricks to a first three-year term, and Adaven Scronce and Stephanie Watts to second three-year terms as members of the Farmers Market Advisory Board.
  • The Appropriation Ordinance for the period ending January 24, 2023, subject to the release of HUD expenditures when funds are received.



  • IMAGINE PITTSBURG UPDATE – Imagine Pittsburg representatives Blake Benson, Joe Dellasega, and co-chairmen Dr. Shane Kannarr and Quentin Holmes updated the city on the progress of the visioning effort to date, plans for future community engagement, and timeline for the next phase of Imagine Pittsburg. An online survey will be sent out on February 1, and community meetings will be scheduled in April or May to gather input. The IP group expects to present a final plan to the commission in October.


The following items were considered under the main agenda:

  • ORDINANCE NO. G-1344 – Commissioners approved Ordinance G-1344, amending Section 74-245 of the Pittsburg City Code removing the quadrant requirements of the appointees to the Active Transportation Advisory Board.


  • ORDINANCE NO. G-1345 – Commissioners approved Ordinance G-1345, amending Section 74-244 of the Pittsburg City Code changing the total number of board members for the Active Transportation Advisory Board from a seven (7) member board to a five (5) member board.


  • ORDINANCE NO. G-1346 – Commissioners voted to approve Ordinance No. G-1346, amending Section 58-2 of the Pittsburg City Code to change The Pittsburg Area Farmers Market Advisory Board from a seven (7) member board to a five (5) member board, and amending Section 58-6 to change the monthly meetings to quarterly meetings.


  • ORDINANCE NO. G-1347 – Commissioners approved Ordinance No. G-1347, amending Section 58-34 of the Pittsburg City Code to change the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board regular scheduled meetings from monthly to every other month.


  • RESOLUTION NO. 1261 – Commissioners voted to adopt Resolution No. 1261, certifying legal authority to apply for the 2023 Kansas Moderate Income Housing Program from the Kansas Housing Resource Corporation. Director of Community Development & Housing Kim Froman said the city intends to submit an application on behalf of DVLP, LLC.


  • SECTION 8 HOUSING CHOICE VOUCHER ADMINISTRATIVE PLAN – Commissioners voted to adopt the Pittsburg Public Housing Authority’s 2023 Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Administrative Plan.


Non-Agenda Reports & Requests:

  • City Manager Daron Hall acknowledged the Pittsburg Area Young Professionals cleanup effort that occurred over the weekend, and thanked the volunteers involved, which included City of Pittsburg staff, the Sustainability Advisory Committee, Pittsburg Beautiful, PSU Students for Sustainability, and more.



  • Mayor Seglie reminded the community about the upcoming city-wide cleanup efforts, including the Big Event on April 1 and other city clean-up events to be announced soon. To learn more about this effort, residents are invited to attend the “Spruce Up Pittsburg Community Conversation” to be held on Thursday, February 23, at 6:00 pm at Homer Cole Community Center.
  • The Mayor acknowledged the passing of local resident and businessman Steve Ward, and expressed his condolences to the family.


The mission of the City of Pittsburg is to provide exceptional services, facilities and activities with integrity, professionalism, excellent customer service and a commitment to economic vitality.