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Pittsburg City Commission Meeting Recap – Aug. 22

City Press Releases

August 25, 2023

PITTSBURG, KS – The following actions were taken at the Pittsburg City Commission meeting held on Tuesday, August 22, 2023:    



  • Pastor Jim Frech with Countryside Christian Church led a prayer of invocation.
  • Dr. Chandroutie Latchman shared comments about Animal Control.
  • Kevin O’Connell shared thoughts about homelessness in Pittsburg.
  • Gail Deatherage from the First United Methodist Church board of directors discussed services offered by the Wesley House.
  • Renato Pinto gave an update on the Turkey Trot happening on Thanksgiving Day.

 Commissioners approved the following items under the consent agenda:

  • The August 8, 2023, City Commission Meeting minutes.
  • Ordinance No. G-1351, amending Section 54-41 of the Code of the City of Pittsburg, Kansas, regulating certain public offenses within the corporate limits of the City of Pittsburg, Kansas, by adopting by reference the 2023 Edition of the “Uniform Public Offense Code for Kansas Cities” as published by The League of Kansas Municipalities.
  • Approval of Ordinance No. G-1352, amending Section 78-31 of the Code of the City of Pittsburg, Kansas, and providing for the protection of public health, property, and safety, and the regulation of traffic by adopting by reference the 2023 Edition of the “Standard Traffic Ordinance for Kansas Cities” as published by The League of Kansas Municipalities.
  • Change Order No. 1 reflecting an increase of $55,700 making a new contract construction amount of $945,116.00 and final payment in the amount of $64,594.16 to Tri-Star Utilities Inc. of Independence, Kansas, for the 2022 Sanitary Sewer Line 7B Rehabilitation Project.
  • Staff request to apply to the Kansas Housing Resources Corporation’s (KHRC) Tenant Based Rental Assistance (TBRA) program for a grant in the amount of $100,000.
  • The appointment of Chad Mishmash and Elliott Rowland to fill unexpired terms as members of the Sustainability Advisory Committee.
  • A three-year license agreement with DebtBook to assist with the increased tracking and reporting requirements of the City’s debt instruments (bonds and leases).
  • Approval of the First Amendment to Ground Lease between the City of Pittsburg and Kansas #15 Limited Partnership, regarding the tower at 910 Memorial Drive.
  • Second Amendment to the Antenna Collocation Lease Agreement between the City of Pittsburg and Sprint Spectrum Realty Company, LLC for space on the tower at 420 East 22nd Street.

The following items were removed from the consent agenda:

  • The City Commission went into executive session for 10 minutes to discuss the EDAC recommendation to revise the amortization schedule for the Jolly Fox Brewery’s 2018 loan that will allow the Jolly Fox Brewery to make interest only payments for the next year, then will allow the company to pay off the loan over seven years at 5% interest as originally proposed beginning in September 2024. Following executive session, commissioners voted to table the item.
  • Commissioners approved the Appropriation Ordinance for the period ending August 22, 2023, subject to the release of HUD expenditures when funds are received.


Special Presentations:

  • SUMMER READING PROGRAM SUMMARY – Pittsburg Public Library Director Bev Clarkson provided a summary of the library’s annual summer reading program.
  • ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT QUARTERLY REPORT – Director of Economic Development Blake Benson, and Pittsburg State University Executive Director, Operations, Business Development, & Economic Engagement Darrell Pulliam, presented the quarterly economic development report.
  • EAST QUINCY RECONSTRUCTION PROJECT UPDATE – Director of Public Works and Utilities Matt Bacon provided an update on the East Quincy Project. Bacon stated that due to the complexity of the project, utility work, and the contractor’s schedule, there have been delays, but the project is moving forward and is on budget.


The following items were considered under the Main Agenda:

  • WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT DESIGN AGREEMENT AMENDMENT #4 – Commissioners approved Amendment #4 to the Wastewater Treatment Plant Design Agreement with Earls Engineering and Inspection, Inc. for items associated with “right-sizing” the plant, increasing the contract by $309,000.00, making an adjusted agreement amount of $2,783,850.84.
  • LICENSE PLATE RECOGNITION CAMERA LEASE – The City Commission voted to enter into a two-year lease with Flock Group, Inc., for 14 of the Flock Safety’s Falcon License Plate Recognition cameras and access to their network operating system. The cameras will be installed at busier intersections and will record continuously, giving the Police Department access to the footage as needed.
  • ORDINANCE NO. G-1350 – The commissioners approved Ordinance No. G-1350, amending Sections 46-81 and 46-83 of the Pittsburg City Code to include tents, tarps and blankets or any other material being used as a shelter to camp or occupy outside of an approved structure for habitation to the definition of Recreational Equipment.
  • COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT BLOCK GRANT (CDBG) AGREEMENT – Commissioners approved a Grant Agreement between the City of Pittsburg and the State of Kansas Department of Commerce for a Small Cities Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) in the amount of $750,000, to be used toward Washington School, LLC’s childcare center to be established at 205 South Locust.


Non-Agenda Reports & Requests:

  • Community Development & Housing Director Kim Froman reminded the community that the deadline to apply for the Neighborhood Advisory Council is September 6. Candidates can apply through the City Clerk’s office.


The Mayor’s Moment:

  • Mayor Seglie reminded the community that the poor will always be with us, and noted that the community is working on the issue of homelessness diligently.
  • The Mayor also mentioned trash bins being left out in front of homes too long. Trash bins can be set out no earlier than 24 hours prior to collection day, and need to be put out of sight after trash is collected.


The mission of the City of Pittsburg is to provide exceptional services, facilities and activities with integrity, professionalism, excellent customer service and a commitment to economic vitality.