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Water Distribution

What We Do

The Water Distribution Division is constantly striving to ensure that clean, safe water is delivered to our customers across the city and to maintain the complex system that transports water from our water treatment plant to consumer’s taps.  The focus of our distribution crews is the maintenance of the distribution system.  Some of the most common maintenance items are as follows:

  • Install new service taps
  • Inspection and maintenance of water mains and service lines
  • Monitor water quality
  • Check for leaks in mains and services
  • Locate water lines upon requests from Kansas One Call
  • Installs new lines and makes improvements in the system to increase water supply and pressure.
  • Turns on water service for new customers.
  • Provide 24-hour on-call emergency repair service

The system is made up of approximately 135 miles of distribution lines ranging in size from 4-inch up to 24-inch and service and services ranging from ¾” to 2”, 8,600 residential, commercial and industrial service connections, 3,247 water valves and 1,236 fire hydrants.

The distribution system is continually being upgraded and updated.  Each year, sections of pipe that have been identified, for a variety of reasons, as needing replacement are either replaced by distribution personnel or outside contractors.

How Long Will It Take to Fix the Problem?

Normally, the repairs are made within a few hours, but complicated repairs can take several hours before the system returns to normal.

We pride ourselves on fast response and repair.  To repair main breaks, the City crews will need to shut down the water system in the area of the break.  Water systems are under pressure and cannot be repaired while water is running through them.

If, after a repair, your water is discolored, do not be alarmed as main breaks often stir the mineral deposits that coat water lines.  Just allow the water to run for a few minutes, and it should clear up and be safe to drink.

Meter Change Out Program

This Division is currently active in a meter change out program where new meters are being installed for an automated meter reading system (AMR). This system adds a meter and a transmitter into the meter pit. The transmitter sends a radio signal with the meter reading to a receiver that is located in a vehicle which records the reading on a computer.

This takes out the human factor when reading the water meter and also shortens the amount of time it takes to get the meters read.

Our meter reading personnel are primarily responsible for reading water meters each month, but also respond to meter related problems such as leaks, replacement of broken or missing meter boxes and lids, turning on and off water at the request of the City’s Finance Department, installation of new services, replacement of defective or vandalized meters, replacement of meter transponders, respond to customer requests for billing information.

What to do if you suspect a leak in your home.

We are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Call us if you notice:

  • Your water bill is unusually high
  • Water leaks (water dripping from faucets or toilet seems to be constantly running)
  • Low water pressure
  • Rusty water
  • Odors in your water

The City of Pittsburg is responsible for maintaining the line leading to your home or business meter, and maintaining the meter itself.  You, the property owner are responsible for maintaining the service line from the meter to your building and the plumbing within your building.

If the suspected leak is determined to be either in your service line or in your building, you will need to call a local plumber or fix the problem yourself.

Contact Information

Water Distribution
1506 N. Walnut St.
Pittsburg, KS 66762
(620) 240-5126

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday
7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

After hours, weekends or holidays
(620) 230-5630

Mike Sarley
Water Distribution Superintendent
1506 N. Walnut St.
Pittsburg, KS 66762
Phone: (620) 240-5126
Fax: (620) 240-5157