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Traffic & Communications

Traffic & Communications Responsibilities

The City’s Traffic & Communications Division maintains and updates traffic signals and signs within the City of Pittsburg.  The City has more than 120 traffic signals and more than 4,948 traffic and street signs.  Major responsibilities include:

  • Install and maintain electrical and electronic systems for the city
  • Install and maintain traffic signal devices
  • Keep inventory of and maintain traffic control devices within the City
  • Maintain 13 emergency storm warning sirens
  • Maintain the City’s communication systems
  • Monitor the City weather radar system
  • Paint curbs, lanes, and school crossings
  • Perform upkeep on the emergency warning systems for the Police Department, Fire Department, and City vehicles
  • Working with Westar Energy on the maintenance and installation of street lights
  • Respond to service requests for traffic control issues


About Traffic Signals & Signs

Traffic signals are designed, constructed and operated to allow for safe movement of vehicles and pedestrians through heavily traveled or hazardous locations.

Most of the traffic signals in Pittsburg are triggered by detection loops within the pavement, others are triggered by video detection cameras or have timing patterns that change throughout the day based on traffic needs.

Problems occasionally develop because the electronic components fail, bulbs burn out or the signal is damaged by weather or an accident.

Categories of Street Signs:

  • Regulatory:  Speed, stop or yield signs.
  • Warning:  Diamond-shaped with a yellow background, such as “curve ahead”.
  • Guide:  Usually have green or brown backgrounds that help motorists navigate through unfamiliar areas.


Report a problem

To report any signal malfunctions, damaged or downed signs, request a new sign or report any other incidents, please contact (620) 230-5670.

After hours: call Police Dispatch at (620) 231-1700

Requests for new sign installations will be investigated by the City’s Traffic Advisory Board to determine whether the traffic control devices are warranted or needed according to City policy and national standards for installation of traffic control devices.

Contact Information

Joe Beaman
Traffic & Communications Supervisor
522 S. Free King Hwy.
Pittsburg, KS 66762
Phone: (620) 230-5670
Fax: (620) 240-5157