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Fleet Maintenance

Fleet Maintenance Responsibilities

The Fleet Maintenance Division supports City departments in the acquisition, maintenance and repair of fleet vehicles.  They increase productivity and curb costs by using the most efficient resources to keep the City’s fleet in a constant state of repair to provide safe and reliable vehicles and equipment.  Fleet maintenance is responsible for compliance with State regulations applicable areas include items such as Fuel Storage, Hazardous Waste Disposal and Employee/Community Right-to-Know Programs.

Fleet Maintenance Functions

  • Asset management; maintains extensive fleet records on all equipment and vehicles.
  • Maintains all city equipment; grounds maintenance, construction and other equipment.
  • Maintains all city vehicles; police cruisers, various size trucks, SUV’s, and sedans.
  • Maintains the city’s fuel dispensing system.
  • Fabrication and welding services as well as the installation of specialty equipment.
  • Emergency operations; equipment repairs, emergency fueling, off-site maintenance, and generator support to sustain critical city functions.
  • Furnishes technical information and prepares specifications for the purchase of new vehicles and equipment for the City.
  • New vehicle installations as well as fleet disposal.

Fleet Inventory

Vehicles are purchased through various cooperative agreements and bid processes.  The Fleet Maintenance Division maintains a fleet of approximately 141 vehicles and 134 pieces of equipment. They perform routine corrective and preventative maintenance on all city vehicles, small and large equipment and machinery. By scheduling preventative maintenance and reacting to other maintenance needs, the City maintains the efficiency and safety of emergency vehicles and all rolling assets.

When vehicles are retired from the City’s fleet and declared as surplus, they are publicly auctioned through an online auction service.  You can visit their website by going to  Purchases of commodities such as parts, fuel, vehicles and equipment are made in cooperative agreements where possible.


Contact Information

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday
7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Lanny Logan
Mechanics Supervisor
303 Memorial Dr.
Pittsburg, KS 66762
Phone: (620) 240-5126
Fax: (620) 240-5157