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Pittsburg one of 50 best work-from-home cities in the US

City Press Releases

February 9, 2021

PITTSBURG, KS – Leading tech news publication PCMag just released their ranking of 50 best work-from-home cities in America and Pittsburg, Kansas made the list.

The COVID-19 pandemic sparked a remote work boom, driving many North Americans to find new, more affordable homes. But if you can work from anywhere, where should you go? That’s the question PCMag set out to answer. The magazine searched for cities with affordable housing, great gigabit internet connections, plus remote-friendly lifestyles, and Pittsburg passed the test with flying colors.

“Our list started by looking at towns where people have and use gigabit broadband, and the work Craw-Kan and now Optic have done to put Pittsburg in the fast lane caused it to bubble up on our list,” says PCMag Analyst Sascha Segan.  “Combine that with the presence of PSU, low housing prices, a walkable layout, and plenty of parks, and the city came up as a hidden gem.”

Segan says in today’s remote-working world, many people don’t need to move to a tech or business hub in order to succeed – all that’s needed is a fast internet connection. For those looking for a great quality of life, this makes communities like Pittsburg an even more attractive option.

“That means knowledge workers can look at more places where the living is affordable and easy, places like Pittsburg,” says Segan. “Fast Internet should help keep graduates in town, offer more opportunities to folks already in town, and help new folks discover more affordable living in Pittsburg.”

“We are excited to be ranked among the top US cities providing fast internet speeds and an exceptional quality of life,” says Pittsburg Deputy City Manager Jay Byers. “This acknowledgement is the result of years of careful planning, collaboration, and hard work to create an atmosphere that nurtures growth. We achieved this by intentionally cultivating partnerships with technology providers, large and small businesses, Pittsburg State University and other regional stakeholders. The outcome is an inviting community that welcomes and supports residents and businesses into a productive and comfortable environment.”


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