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Pittsburg Housing Authority moves to new location

City Press Releases

September 5, 2018

The City of Pittsburg Housing Authority has moved to a new home inside the All Aboard Center for Community Development. The housing office began operating out of their new location at 216 N. Broadway St., Suite G., on Tuesday, September 4.

The All Aboard Center is a multi-tenant center for non-profits, providing affordable, quality workspace and encouraging cross-organizational collaboration. The City’s housing office is one of multiple non-profits making the move to the All Aboard Center. Among these agencies are Southeast KansasWorks, Adult Basic Education, SKIL Resource Center and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

According to the All Aboard Foundation’s Fundraising and Event Coordinator Cassie Bicknell, the mission of the All Aboard Center is to improve coordination among local service agencies.

“This facility will provide a centralized location for local non-profits that encourages collaboration and allows for better allocation of resources and accessibility to the public,” says Bicknell. “Transportation is an issue for some clients that are in need of these resources. This facility will allow them to come to one location and reach multiple non-profits at once.”

City of Pittsburg Community Development & Housing Director Quentin Holmes says the new location provides a significant value to those served by the housing office.

“Everything about the move is a benefit to our office and the people we serve,” says Holmes. “The vision of the All Aboard Foundation fits perfectly with the City’s mission to move the community forward together. We are excited for our community to see what is happening in the All Aboard Center and the good that is sure to come of it.”

The former housing office at 603 N. Pine St., is slated for demolition. The City plans to convert the property into public parking spaces.