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East Quincy Project

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Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: When will the project begin and how long will it take to complete?

A: The project is anticipated to begin in Spring 2022 and last a construction season, approximately to August 2023. Kansas weather and unanticipated issues may change the length of the project. However, the entire length of the roadway from Joplin to Rouse will never be fully closed at any point during construction. The project will be constructed in multiple phases in order to minimize impact to the area.


Q: What is being constructed?

A: Quincy Street is being reconstructed from approximately Joplin Street to Rouse Street. The improvements include:

  • Three-lane, concrete roadway with curb and gutter
    • One lane for each direction of travel with a center turning lane
    • Lanes will be 11’ wide with 2.5’ curb and gutter
  • Dedicated left-turn lanes at Rouse Intersection
  • Five foot sidewalks on both sides of Quincy
  • Street lighting
  • Storm sewer
  • Median and grading improvements at the railroad
  • Waterline improvements


          Q: Will I be able to access my house during construction?

          A: Yes! You will have access to your house at all times. During construction, we will work with the contractor so you can maintain access. Emergency services will have access to your house at all times.


          Q: Quincy Street and some surrounding properties do not currently drain well. Will this project make it worse?

          A: The project includes new storm sewer pipes and inlets. The ditches along Quincy will be removed and replaced with curb and gutter. This project will maintain existing drainage patterns and is likely to decrease the amount of water draining toward your property.


          Q: What will happen to the trees?

          A: We will do our best to preserve and decrease the impact to existing trees as much as possible. However, because of the size and location near the existing roadway, some trees will need to be removed. As trees grow, their roots can negatively affect (including lifting, cracking, etc.) the surrounding pavement. Trees near the roadway may present visibility issues and/or create hazards for vehicles.


          Q: Will my taxes increase because of this project?

          A: The city has budgeted for this project and received additional funding from the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT). The entire project is projected to cost approximately $7 million, half of which ($3.5M) is paid through KDOT grant funding.


          Q: Will I lose any of my property?

          A: Generally, no. The proposed improvements are expected to stay within the current right-of-way with the sidewalk offset approximately one (1) foot from the right-of-way. However, the city may require temporary easement in order to construct driveway connections, retaining walls, grading, etc. If required, any work on your property will be at no cost to you and improved to a condition as-good-as or better than prior to construction. The city will work directly with property owners for any required right-of-way or easements and is required to be certified and follow very strict guidelines. More information can be found on the KDOT website here.


          Q: We have a lot of traffic from the college and special events. What will happen during football games, graduation, and the farm show?

          A: We are working with Pittsburg State University, USD 250, emergency services, and city officials to schedule different phases of construction and find ways to reduce the impact while maintaining safe routes during these events.


          Q: Will the existing utilities be moved?

          A: There are many utilities along the project, including both public and private utilities. The existing aging city waterline along the project will be replaced. Our engineers are working directly with private utilities (communication, gas, electric) to identify if any utilities will need to be relocated or if they can remain during construction.


          Q: How can I stay updated on the project, including progress or changes during construction, etc.?

          A: Check out the city’s website for project updates and changes to traffic. Additionally, press releases and social media updates will be sent out as traffic patterns are changed.


          Contact Information

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          1506 N. Walnut St.
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          (620) 240-5126

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