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Water Treatment Plant Maintenance Technician


Department(s): Public Works and Utilities

Location: Pittsburg, KS

Position Summary

  1. Water Treatment Plant Maintenance Technician performs industrial related maintenance duties to keep water treatment processes operational. This position will also perform facility maintenance duties in addition. Such duties to perform can include lubricating, performing readings, preventative maintenance activities, tear down, repairs, removal and re-installation activities, inspections, analyzing and performing predictive maintenance, recommending of purchasable items, assisting with capital planning, and assisting with potential costs for setting financial budgets.
    1. The overall expectation job duties, responsibilities, knowledge and competencies are further defined within the Association of Boards of Certification for Plant Maintenance Technologists for Need-to-Know Criteria.
  2. Reports to the Water Treatment Plant Superintendent
  3. The primary duties of work are performed indoors and outdoors; and may include working in adverse weather conditions.
  4. Work may involve 24-hour availability during emergency situations. This will include overtime and call back situations as required.
  5. Work in confined spaces and trench excavations as required.
  6. Work will include extreme heights.
  7. The job position summary, duties and responsibilities are not intended to be, nor should it be construed as, exhaustive of all responsibilities, skills or competencies with this job. Performs other duties as assigned.


Education & Qualifications

    • See the attached job description for complete listing



    • Operation and Maintenance
      • 1A – Knowledge of Boilers
      • 1B – Knowledge of Compressors / Blowers
      • 1C – Knowledge of Heavy Equipment
      • 1D – Knowledge of Pump Operations
      • 1E – Knowledge of Pump Component
      • 1F – Knowledge of Valve Application
      • 1G – Knowledge of Bearings and Bushings
      • 1H – Knowledge of Drive Equipment
      • 1I – Knowledge of Shafts
      • 1J – Knowledge of Materials
      • 1K – Knowledge of Tanks
      • 1L – Knowledge of Tools
      • 1M – Knowledge of Ancillary Crafts
      • 1N – Knowledge of Piping
      • 1O – Knowledge of Lubrication
      • Electrical Instruments
        • 2A – Knowledge of Electrical Devices
        • 2B – Knowledge of Electrical Concepts
        • 2C – Knowledge of Level/Flow Devices
      • Math
        • 3A – Knowledge of proper math functions to accurately perform computations.
        • 3B – Ability to use correct resources to verify computations for functions that are not used on a day to day basis.
      • Safety and Administration
        • 4A – Some knowledge of project management principles, methods, practices and procedures.
        • 4B – Participates in small design and construction projects and reviews technical drawings, proposed changes and contract amendments prepared by architects, engineers and contractors for accuracy and compliance with municipal codes, design standards and project specifications, and recommends changes, as required.
        • 4C – Knowledge of proper use of self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA)
        • 4D – Knowledge of Lock Out / Tagout procedures.

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