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Mechanic II

Published on January 20, 2022

Department(s): Public Works and Utilities

Location: Pittsburg, KS

Job Summary

  1. Fleet Mechanic II works independent of direct supervision performing repairs, services, and diagnostics to City automobiles, trucks, emergency equipment, tractors, and other power-driven equipment. Receive instruction or assistance as new or unusual situations arise, and are fully aware of the operating procedures and policies within the work unit. Provides leadership and mentoring to fleet mechanic 1 and apprentice positions.
  2. Reports to Mechanic Supervisor
  3. Performs daily required service checks on equipment to be used for the day including checking and filling; fluids, pressures, and grease points. Cleaning machinery as necessary. Ensures that equipment is operating correctly and reports any suspected malfunctions or safety issues.
  4. Primary work environment will be in shop conditions, work may include working in adverse weather conditions.
  5. Work may involve 24-hour availability during emergency situations. This will include overtime and call back situations as required.
  6. Work in confined spaces and trench excavations as required.

The job position summary, duties and responsibilities are not intended to be, nor should it be construed as, exhaustive of all responsibilities, skills or competencies with this job. Performs other duties as assigned.

Position Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Inspect automobiles, trucks, and related equipment to locate and determine the extent of necessary overhaul or repair.
  2. Perform general overhaul and repair work on gasoline, diesel and propane powered engines such as automobiles, trucks, tractors, police and fire vehicles and equipment, and other automotive and mechanical equipment at off-site locations and at the garage.
  3. Inspect, adjust, and replace necessary units and related parts including valves, hoses, belts and alternators.
  4. Repair cooling, fuel, electrical, and exhaust systems; tune engines using standard testing equipment.
  5. Diagnose, repair, and maintain hydraulic systems.
  6. Perform preventive maintenance work on vehicles, including lubrication and oil changes.
  7. Fabricate and weld to repair equipment as necessary.
  8. Perform vehicle body work and collision repair.
  9. Operate vehicles and equipment to aid in diagnostics; pick up and deliver vehicles and parts.
  10. Install emergency equipment for emergency vehicles; perform repair work on other City equipment and systems as necessary.
  11. Clean and maintain the garage area and equipment.
  12. Inventory, order and control tools, supplies and materials for garage; research, compare, and locate parts, equipment, and vehicles.
  13. Maintain records on all maintenance and repair work performed; track recalls and warranties for all vehicles.


  1. Associate’s degree or equivalent trade school certificate and 1 year of relevant work experience.
    1. High school graduation or equivalent and 5 years of relevant work experience.
  2. Kansas Commercial Driver’s License Class A
    1. Air Brake Endorsement
    2. Tanker Endorsement – may be optionally required
    3. Automatic Transmission
    4. Standard Transmission – may be optionally required
  3. Obtain OSHA 10 hour certification
  4. Required Certifications:
    1. A1 – Engine Repair – Automobile and Light Truck
    2. A2 – Automatic Transmission / Transaxle – Automobile & Light Truck
    3. A3 – Manual Drive Train & Axles – Automobile & Light Truck
    4. A4 – Suspension & Steering – Automobile & Light Truck
    5. A5 – Brakes – Automobile & Light Truck
    6. A6 – Electrical / Electronic Systems – Automobile & Light Truck
    7. A7 – Heating & Air Conditioning – Automobile & Light Truck
    8. A8 – Engine Performance – Automobile & Light Truck
    9. A9 – Light Vehicle Diesel Engines – Automobile & Light Truck
    10. T8 – Preventive Maintenance Inspection
  5. Continued Certifications Automotive Service Excellent Certificates:
    1. E1 – Truck Equipment Installation & Repair – Truck Equipment
    2. E2 – Electrical / Electronic Systems Installation & Repair – Truck Equipment
    3. E3 – Auxiliary Power Systems Installation & Repair – Truck Equipment
    4. L1 – Advanced Engine Performance Specialist
    5. L2 – Electronic Diesel Engine Diagnosis Specialist
    6. T1 – Gasoline Engines – Medium – Heavy Truck
    7. T2 – Diesel Engines – Medium – Heavy Truck
    8. T3 – Drive Train – Medium – Heavy Truck
    9. T4 – Brakes – Medium – Heavy Truck
    10. T5 – Suspension & Steering – Medium – Heavy Truck
    11. T6 – Electrical / Electronic Systems – Medium – Heavy Truck
    12. T7 – Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning – Medium – Heavy Certification
  6. Basic competencies using microsoft products such as outlook, word, and excel.
  7. Basic competencies to utilize smart phones, tablets, and computers for communicating, corresponding, and processing work orders.

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