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Aquatic Center Program Manager

Published on February 6, 2020

Department(s): Parks & Recreation

Location: Pittsburg, KS

*Please note that we are currently accepting applications for this position, but are temporarily suspending the interviewing and hiring process due to COVID-19.*



Responsible for organizing instructor staff and format of programs during the season. Incumbents assist in determining staff necessary for supervision of pool activities, including: preparing work schedules and assigning personnel to duty stations. Work involves: replenishing supplies as needed, directing or conducting in-service training activities, training and reviewing class format/instruction with program instructors. Monitoring the performance of staff engaged in lifeguarding and giving swimming lessons is an important aspect of the work, as incumbents are expected to take corrective action in dealing with unacceptable practices. Duties involve: maintaining records and preparing reports on pool activities; directing the cleaning and general operation of aquatic facility; implementation of special events; and organizing staff. Incumbent also provides input for consideration of changes or modifications in policies, procedures, programs, and solutions to problems. Accounting and balancing daily revenue, if applicable, and completing forms as well as interacting with media.



  • Communication:
    • Provides program information, resolves problems, gives swim lesson instruction, adjusts improper conduct notifies parents or relatives of an emergency situation, instructs staff on job responsibilities, coordinates program activities including acquiring program supplies, scheduling equipment, etc., and performs other related duties.
    • Produces written documents such as: incident and accident reports, course record forms, and staff evaluations
  • Manual/Physical:
    • Teaches swimming lessons as well as schedules orientation and training for swim lesson staff.
    • Sets up and takes down folding chairs, tables, and various equipment for activities.
    • Operates a cash register and adding machine, if needed.
    • Performs swimming rescues and administers CPR and first aid.
    • Detects calls for assistance from distressed swimmers.
    • Detects proper functioning of pool equipment and monitors verbal instructions from Lifeguards/Swim Instructors/Program and Class Instructors to the general public regarding pool activities.
    • Detects chlorine leaks which may jeopardize public safety.
    • Inspects pool facility for proper working order and hazardous conditions.
    • Observes and monitors patron’s behavior to determine compliance with pool rules and regulations.
    • Observes subordinate staff behavior to evaluate job performance.
    • Monitors pool water conditions to determine compliance with water quality standards.
    • Meets scheduling and attendance requirements for programs, activities and classes.
    • Operates a motor vehicle requiring a standard Kansas Driver’s License to attend off-site meetings and deliver/transfer equipment, supplies and facilities deposits.
    • Secures locks on fences and buildings at closing.
    • Other duties as assigned.
  • Mental:
    • Supervises the operation of a public swimming pool offering recreational and swimming
    • instruction programs.
    • Assists in recruiting, directing, assigning, supervising, and evaluating staff.
    • Assists in developing, promoting, and supervising diversified aquatic programs for all ages in accordance with community needs.
    • Assists with planning, directing, supervising, and conducting classes in instructional swimming, lifesaving, and competitive swimming programs, including coaching and instructing teams, and competitive and recreational special events.
    • Enforces pool rules and regulations for the safety and convenience of the public.
    • Assists in maintenance and operation of overall safety of the facility.
    • Develops and gives in-service training programs for the staff.
    • Assists in assigning work for staff including but not limited to instructors and lifeguards.
    • Evaluates and checks the work of lifeguarding staff to ensure conformance to job standards by observing teaching methods and guarding techniques.
    • Learns job-related material primarily through past experience as a Lifeguard and Lifeguard Instructor certifications which are taught through a combination of lecture and practical participation.
    • Responsible for the approval and verification of employee time cards.
    • lifesaving and first aid techniques; the principles and practices of supervision; and recordkeeping methods and procedures and recordkeeping methods and procedures.



  • Knowledge of:
    • Operation and maintenance of swimming pools; health and safety standards and practices, which relate to the operation of public pools; the principles, practices, and application of
  • Ability to schedule periods of instruction and recreational swimming; act quickly and calmly in emergencies; work effectively with staff; work effectively and courteously with pool patrons and the general public; interact with media, and accounting/balancing of daily revenues to complete daily revenue forms.



  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Prior lifeguard and lifeguard instructor certification, preferred
  • Considerable experience as a lifeguard/ swimming instructor
  • Demonstrated (4-6 seasons) experience with directing activities and managing at public swimming pools, preferred
  • Must have current Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certification; copy to be provided upon applying
  • Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor Certification, preferred but not required
  • Must possess a valid Kansas Driver’s License


Works outside in typically 70-90+ degree temperatures and on occasion 100+ degree temperatures (May through August) during an eight-hour day. The maintenance manager is exposed to outdoor weather conditions and the wet atmosphere of the water as well as humid conditions. Exposure to toxic or caustic chemicals. Being physically agile to handle duties is very important for this person. He/she must be able to walk, stand, reach, and operate pool equipment and tools. Climbing, stooping and kneeling are also a part of the work environment and physical demands.

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