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Pittsburg Police Department History
The Pittsburg Police Department has a rich history and has played a major role in the city’s progress. The brave and loyal men and women of the Police Department have suffered, bled, and even died for this community. This history is dedicated to all who have served honorably in the uniform of the Pittsburg Kansas Police Department throughout the years, each generation giving their best to their nation, state, and city.

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Pittsburg, Kansas Police Department
The following is a list of Chiefs of Police for the City of Pittsburg, Kansas, giving the
names and the years they served.

 Fred B. Sutherland  1880-1881
 Alfred Shirley  1881-1882
 Michael Dryden  1882-1883
 W.A. Chapman  1883-1884
 Edgar Jennings  1884-1884
 John McNally  1884-1885
 Thos. Bilderbeck  1885-1886
 J.M. Adams  1886-1887
 Alec C. Campbell  1887-1888
 Dave Eyestone  1888-1890
 J.J. Clayton  1890-1891
 I.N. Skinner  1891-1893
 J.J. Leamaster  1893-1894
 W.A. Mitchell  1894-1895
 John Tucker  1895-1897
 W.H. Holmes  1897-1898
 C.G. Webb  1898-1899
 Tom Howe  1899-1901
 R.V. Higgins  1901-1903
 C.G. Lance  1903-1905
 R.V. Higgins  1905-1906
 Geo. Richardson  1906-1907
 Walter Lance  1907-1909
 Ike Skinner  1909-1911
 John Tucker  1911-1912
 Chas. Ritter  1912-1913
 Roll Rakestraw  1913-1917
 E.U. Jenks  1917-1917
 A.R. Armstrong  1917-1941
 Thomas M. Stowers  1941-1949
 Ralph Beard  1949-1975
 Jack L. Spencer  1975-1978
 Ralph W. Shanks, Jr.  1978-1995
 Michael O. Hall  1995-2004
 Melinda D. Hulvey  2004-