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Rural Housing Incentive District

Rural Housing Incentive District  

Through Kansas Statute, Pittsburg has established a qualifying Rural Housing Incentive District (RHID). This program is designed to assist developers building housing in rural communities, by capturing 100% of the incremental increase in real property taxes (less the mills taken out for the school district) and reimburse those funds to the developer over a 15 year period.

Permitted uses for RHID reimbursement include the following:

  • Certain land acquisition costs;

  • Payment of relocation assistance;

  • Site preparation;

  • Sanitary and storm sewers and lift stations;

  • Drainage conduits, channels, and levees;

  • Street grading, paving, curbs, and gutters;

  • Street lighting;

  • Underground public and limited private utilities;

  • Sidewalks; and

  • Water mains and extensions.

Each development project within the RHID will include a Development Plan and Development Agreement, and will  be brought before the City Commission for approval prior to the beginning of construction.

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