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2017-019 Pittsburg Municipal Website
Request for Proposal #: 2017-019
Description: Pittsburg Municipal Website
Division: Information Systems

Purpose of RFP:
The City desires to create a web site that is an effective platform for engagement with citizens, contractors and vendors, and current and potential businesses. The goal is to inform about and sell the City, automatically notify interested parties of relevant events, facilitate transactions, gather input, and create a neutral connecting point for the community.


Questions and Answers:

  • Q:Which option would the CITY prefer: an off-the-shelf city government website product, or a custom-built website to fit your needs?

    A:The City would be willing to consider either an off-the-shelf product or custom-built site that meets the stated requirements; however, the City is concerned with control and ongoing costs related to making changes. Any solution that would limit the City’s ability to change the site, would require the vendor or third party to change the site, or would result in costs for changes should clearly state so in the RFP and would be considered less desirable.

  • Q:On page 10, Section 3 – Functional Requirements – Content Management, could you provide more specifics on the kinds of changes desired, as indicated in the following bullet point: "City staff should be able to easily make global changes to page structure and style (CSS and other administrative tools)"?

    A:The City may decide to change the layout, structure, themes, colors or other presentations within the web site and requires the ability for its staff to make these changes for the entire site in order to maintain consistency and to facilitate the process. Such global changes should not require re-entry of content.

  • Q:On page 11, Section 3 – Functional Requirements – User preferences, could you provide more specifics on the capabilities and degree of site personalization the CITY desires users to have?

    A:Users should be able to select the page they are presented with after logging in at the home page. Once logged in, the most recent search, sort or other page manipulation should be presented when they navigate to a page. Also, each user with a logon should have a page that lists their notifications with a link to the relevant page.

  • Q:Does the CITY have a budget in mind for this project?

    A:The City prefers not to provide a budget guideline for this RFP but is confident that it is able to fund the appropriate solution.
  • Q:Does the CITY have a plan in mind for transferring content from the existing website to the new website, and if so, what will be the winning supplier's role in that process?

    A:The City plans to have the responsible department transfer content from the existing site to those pages they own. The winning suppliers role will be to train a select group on how to add content.