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Jeremy Johnson
Jeremy Johnson
Jeremy Johnson

Pittsburg, KS  66762

Ph: (620) 231-4100
Fx: (620) 231-0964

Jeremy Johnson has lived in Pittsburg nearly all his life. He is a graduate of Pittsburg public schools and received his Bachelor’s degree in English from Pittsburg State University. After receiving his Master’s degree from the University of Rochester in New York, Jeremy worked as an instructor in PSU's English department for several years. He currently works as coordinator of the Health Homes program at Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas. He also serves on the executive boards of Live Well Crawford County, Eat Well Crawford County, and Habitat for Humanity. He and his wife, Megan, an area teacher, are also active members of Pittsburg Area Young Professionals.

Jeremy Johnson was first elected in April of 2015. His term will expire in April of 2019.