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Newly Adopted Ordinances
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Zoning and Subdivision Regulations

Newly Adopted City Ordinances
Newly adopted City Ordinances will be available for 2 weeks after being approved by the Pittsburg City Commission.
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Available Ordinances
 Newly Adopted City Ordinances
G-1165 - Change of Zoning
G-1166 - No Parking (Washington & Olive)
G-1167 - Special Events Noise Ordinance
G-1168 - 2012 Standard Traffic Ordinance
G-1169 - 2012 Uniform Public Offense Code
G-1170 - Change of Zoning (KOC)
G-1171 - Change of Zoning (CHC of SEK)
G-1172 - Minimum Landscape Standards
G-1173 - 2012 IPMC
G-1174 - Secretary of EDAC
G-1175 - Revising List of City Departments
G-1176 - Finance Director References in Code Book
G-1177 - Finance Department References in Code Book
G-1178 - Solid Waste
G-1179 - 2 Hour Parking (4th & Locust)
HR-4 Energy Conservation GO Bonds
G-1180 - Firearms in Memorial Auditorium
G-1181 - Broadway Speed Limit from 2nd to Euclid
G-1182 - 2013 STO
G-1183 - 2013 UPOC
G-1184 - No Parking Quincy Ave & 10th Street
G-1185 - Residency - Planning & Community Services Director
G-1186 - Creates Planning & Community Services Department
G-1187 - Removes Codes Enforcement from Public Works
G-1188 - Remove Community Development from Finance Dept
G-1189 - Creates Planning & Community Services Department
G-1190 - Defines Department
G-1191 - Access & Entry to Director of Planning & Comm Svs
G-1192 - Nuisance Abatement & DOP & Community Dev
G-1193 - Nuisance Abatement Admin Fee Reimbursement
G-1194 - Downtown Overlay District Creation
G-1195 - Add Downtown Overlay District to Zoning District List
G-1196 - Noise Ordinance
G-1197 - No Parking (2nd & Pine)
G-1198 - Open Burning
S-1011 - Salary Ordinance 2014
S-1012 - Salary Ordinance 2014
S-1013 - Wastewater Treatment Loan Amendment
G-1199 - Building Trade Review Board
G-1200 - Large Truck Parking
G-1201 - Creating Active Transportation Advisory Board
G-1202 - Liquor License Duration
G-1203 - Dance Hall License Duration
G-1204 - Pseudeophedrine Regulations
S-1015 - Weed Ord 2014
S-1016 - Trash Ord 2014
G-1205 - Package Liquor License Duration
G-1206 - Property Manager Security Deposit
G-1207 - Change of Zoning (Miller's)
G-1208 - Two Hour Parking
G-1209 - 2014 STO
G-1210 - 2014 UPOC
G-1211 - Water Rates 2015
G-1212 - Sewer Rates 2015
G-1213 - Water Service Applications 
G-1214 - Dog Tag Registration Due Dates
G-1215 Business License Penalties
G-1216 Langdon Lane Annexation
S-1018 Pinamonti IRB
S-1019 Salary Ordinance 2015
G-1217 Change Zoning (Spresser)
G-1218 Change of Zoning (Casino at 69 & 400)
G-1219 Change of Zoning (Castagno Living Trust)
G-1220 No Parking - 20th Street
G-1221 Change of Zoning (Summerfield)