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KLINK Resurfacing Project
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Improvement of South Broadway Avenue (U.S. 69 Business) in Pittsburg, Kansas from a point beginning at the curb return on the south side of Quincy Street; thence north approximately 4,600 feet to the end of the curb return on the north side of 2nd Street.  Work includes the milling of approximately 2 inches of existing asphalt surface, base patching, storm sewer improvements, curb repair, overlay approximately 2 inches deep, pavement marking, installation of new waterlines, ADA accessible sidewalks and intersection improvements at Monroe Street, Jefferson Street, Adams Street, Washington Street, Park Street, Ramsey Street, Forest Street, Kansas Street, Euclid Street, Rose Street and 1st Street.

[NOTE:  The existing 8” line in Broadway will be replaced with a 12” line tying into the 12” line downtown.  Work will include the installation of new fire hydrants on both sides of the street, tying all cross water lines, and ultimately terminate at a 16” water line on Quincy Street.  Provisions will be made to place a new 16” supply line from the south water tower into the system with the ultimate goal of being able to provide high quality fire protection for a viable area of the community.  Also, undertaking a $250,000 stormwater inlet review project to upgrade and modernize storm sewer inlets and provide handicap accessible sidewalks.]


#1120  Approved 04/24/12
(Authorize Project, Temporary Notes and G.O. Bonds Not to Exceed $1,282,300)


Paving Improvements -               $639,600 (Incl. CE and Inflationary Costs)
Water Line Improvements -         $632,300
ADA Ramps -                             $  68,800
Storm Sewer Improvements -      $250,000


KDOT Grant 50% State (maximum of $200,000)/50% Local
Total Project – Paving            - $639,600
KDOT Share                         - $308,400
City Share                            - $331,200
Revenue from the water/wastewater utility will be pledged for payment on the bonds for the water line replacement.

Revenue from the stormwater utility will be pledged for payment on the bonds for the

August 2012 Water Line
May 2013 KLINK