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Economic Development Goals
Department Goal
The goal of the Pittsburg Economic Development Department is to provide direct incentives to employers with the intention to increase productivity, create new skilled employment and invest major capital injection into their organizations.

Strategic Goals
  1. Supporting and Growing Existing Businesses
    • Identify existing companies with the greatest growth potential as well as those companies that may be at risk
    • Develop new opportunities for existing businesses in Pittsburg
  2. Building a Stronger Workforce
    • Increase level of educational attainment and skills training to match the needs of higher paying jobs available now and in the future
  3. Enhancing Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Support
    • Enhance existing programs and implement new programs that increase an overall innovation / entrepreneurual climate.
    • Provide specific programs for small businesses, entrepreneurs and targeted businesses sectors
  4. Attracting New Businesses that Enhance and Diversify the Economic Base
    • Identify target markets and business sectors through analysis and research
    • Agressively market the community and area to targeted business sectors and companies
    • Support business attraction and existing business expansion initiatives