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Street Sales Tax Project
¼ ¢ Sales Tax Street Improvement

On April 1, 2011 retailers within the City of Pittsburg began collecting an additional ¼ ¢ sales tax to be used specifically for street repair. This sales tax was approved by Pittsburg voters in November 2010.

The City does not anticipate receiving funds from this sales tax until July 2011 and thereafter should receive a portion of these funds every quarter.

The City’s Engineering Division has completed the preliminary plans of the streets scheduled to be repaired in the first year of this program. As sales tax funds become available the Street Division will repair these streets.

There are several streets scheduled to be improved in the first year of the program which will require several inches of asphalt to be milled off before they can be resurfaced. Since the City does not have the ability to mill these streets this work will be done by a private contractor. To maximize the contractor’s efforts, all the milling work will be bid in one contract. It is anticipated fund will be available for his project in the fall of this year.

The City appreciates the voters support of this program. Information on how these funds are being spent will be shared on the City’s website. Every quarter, City staff will report on the progress of streets being repaired and the location of streets to be repaired in the next quarter. The staff will share information on the amount of funds being received and how these funds are being spent.

If you have specific question concerning street repairs please call the Public Works Department at (620) 231-4170 or contact us at www.pittks.org

Street Sales Tax Improvement