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Code Enforcement Fees
Nuisance Fees
  • Administration fee - $100
  • Fee for abatement and termination of nuisances (such as the removal of weeds, trash, or debris) - $200 per hour
    • Fee for each one-quarter hour - $50

Planning Division Fees 
  • Filing fee for final plat of land (maximum of $180, but no less than $90) - $3 per lot
  • Filing fee for vacation of easement, street, or alley - $120
  • Filing fee for variance or special exception hearings before the Board of Zoning Appeals - $120
  • Filing fee for zoning ordinance amendment, change in zoning, district boundary map, or conditional use permit - $180
  • Zoning ordinances and subdivision regulations books - $36
    • CD - $18

Special Event Permit Fees

  • Type 1: Permits for fundraising or non-commercial events for nonprofit religious, educational, or community service organizations; this includes any on-site signs and structures in conjunction with the event - No cost
  • Type 2: Permits for temporary banners attached to the wall of a building or placed across street rights of way - $10
  • Type 3: Permits for promotional activities or devices intended to attract attention to a specific place, business, organization, event, or district, such as signs, searchlights, or balloons - $25
  • Type 4: Permits for commercial activities intended to sell, lease, rent, or promote specific merchandise, services, or product lines, such as a tent sale, trade show, farmers market, Christmas tree sale, or product demonstration - $25
  • Type 5: Permits for public events intended primarily for entertainment or amusement, such as concerts, festivals, carnivals, circuses, or parades - $25

For questions about any Codes Enforcement Division fees, please contact us at (620) 231-4100.