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Call Before You Dig


By state law, anyone digging in Kansas must call Kansas One Call to have all utility lines marked before digging takes place. 



  One Call 2        ALWAYS CALL 811 BEFORE YOU DIG!      One Call

“Kansas One-Call : KOC”
is the underground utility notification center for the state of Kansas. Through this facility, a person can notify operators of underground facilities of proposed excavations to request that the underground facilities be marked before they dig.

One easy phone call to 811 gets your underground utility lines marked for free!

Find out where underground utility lines are buried before you dig. Anyone digging in Kansas must call before digging. The person who is doing the work is responsible for calling KOC. If the owner contracts with a professional excavator to do the excavation then the professional excavator is responsible for calling KOC. You will need to provide information about the work site when you call 811.


             Consequences of Not Calling

When you call before you dig, you'll prevent unintended consequences such as injury to you or your family, damage to your property, utility service outages to the entire neighborhood and potential fines and repair costs.