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Take an active role to keep your City clean – participate in the Adopt-A-Street Program. The City of Pittsburg initiated an Adopt-A-Street program in June of 1992, which was modeled after the Kansas Adopt-A-Highway program. This program is for the volunteer assistance of the public and groups to help keep our City streets clean and free of trash and litter. Participation in the program ranges from employees from businesses, clubs, families, youth groups, and church and civic organizations.

Why is this program so important?

Not only does this program keep our streets clean and free of trash and litter, but also litter pollutes the land and waterways and can be harmful to people and animals. This program helps the environment, saves tax dollars, and gives people the chance to get involved in their community and see this as a way to help others become more aware of litter and its effects on the public environment. After all, it is up to each one of us to keep our City looking great.

Who can participate in this program?

Any group or organization can participate in this program, however, participants must be at least 18 years of age. Younger persons will not be permitted to participate with the designated group unless supervised and accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times.

What is required of the adopting groups?

Each adopting group will assume responsibility for an assigned area and agree to remove litter and trash between the months of March and November for a minimum of two years, with a renewal option if the same is agreeable to both the City and the adopting group. Also, the City does require each group to adopt a minimum of one mile of street.

Are there any costs involved with this program?

No. All the City requests is your time and efforts. The City places the signs marking each group’s adopted street and provides the safety vests and trash bags.

Forms for Adopt-A-Street Program

Adopt-A-Street Application
Adopt-A-Street Agreement
Adopt-A-Street Release Form
Adopt-A-Street Parental Consent Form
Adopt-A-Street Renewal Form
Map of Streets Available for Adoption

Adopt-A-Parking Lot Program

This same program is available for organizations or businesses who would like to adopt one of the City’s downtown parking lots.

To adopt a street or to obtain additional information regarding either of these programs,
contact the Department of Public Works by calling (620) 231-4170