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The Memorial Auditorium and Convention Center (MACC) has a proud history of supporting the visual and performing arts. The City of Pittsburg promoted the renovation of an antiquated Masonic Hall. A multi-million dollar renovation ensued leaving a concert quality auditorium, art gallery and 27,500 square feet meeting and reception facility. MACC isorganizationally contained within, but is an autonomous division of the City’s Department of Parks and Recreation.

The Memorial Auditorium and Convention Center is the cultural, performance and entertainment-meeting place within the Pittsburg area. Considering the diverse cultures in and around Pittsburg, in 2003 MACC’s Advisory Board developed a Section of Cultural and Performing Arts to accommodate the increased demand for these services. Following consultation with the Pittsburg Community Theatre (PCT) and Pittsburg State University (PSU), the Memorial Auditorium and Convention Center elevated participation as a partner in providing visual and performing arts programming to the primary promoter and provider for the Pittsburg area community.

MACC is a community center in the true sense of the word. MACC serves the general public by providing an attractive, state of the art venue for the performing arts as well as a pleasant place to have private gatherings, fundraisers, meetings, small conventions, etc. Since the renovation was completed in 1984, almost 1.8 million people have attended functions at the MACC. Management strives to maintain the integrity of the building, enhance the physical appearance and public offerings of the institution and provide the utmost in customer service.

Front Entrance Memorial Auditorium
Front Entrance to Memorial Auditorium


We invite citizens to discover arts and diversity in culture through the programs of excellence in the performing and visual arts. This vision is to be accomplished through diverse cultural outreach services to the community, including:

• Development and presentation of a Comprehensive Performing and Visual Arts Program Technical Assistance to Arts Organizations & Artists

• Staff support for arts organizations, including the Pittsburg Memorial Auditorium and Convention Center Advisory Board

• Assistance in seeking funding for Arts in Education for programming within the Center and its many partners

• Funding and staff support for special events and exhibitions

• Facilitation for the Public Art process through exhibitions within the Gallery and performances within the auditorium

• Assistance to other communities in development of programming and facility renovation/usage

• Participating within the State of Kansas Arts Commission programs