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Workforce Development Services

Workforce Services
Area Universities and Colleges provide a high quality of customized and classroom workforce development education program. Customized education provided for area employers range from executive management, first line supervision, electronics, masonry construction, hydraulics, computer, to welding. If you are seeking workforce education for your employees please contact the Economic Development Department.

Listed below are the current KDOC programs available to assist in workforce education.

Job Training Programs

Kansas Industrial Training
The Kansas Industrial Training (KIT) Program is available to new or expanding businesses.

Kansas Industrial Retraining
The Kansas Industrial Retraining (KIR) Program provides training to employees that become displaced due to obsolete or inadequate work skills.

Investments in Major Projects and Comprehensive Training
The Investments in Major Projects and Comprehensive Training (IMPACT) program is designed to respond to the training and capital requirements of major business expansions and locations in the state.