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Airfield Configuration
Existing Atkinson Municipal Airport Configuration
Atkinson Municipal Airport contains two intersecting runways and a crossover taxiway connecting the terminal apron area with the ends of Runway 04 and Runway 34.

Airport Runway

  • Airport fee-simple property - 416.22 acres
  • Avigation easements - 69.68 acres
  • Airport elevation - 949 feet MSL
  • Airport reference point - Latitude N37º26’48”, Longitude W94º43’50”

Runway 16-34
Runway 16-34 is the primary runway. It is 5,500 feet by 100 feet and has a true bearing of S09º56’39”E with a pavement strength of 30,000 pounds for single-wheel-gear and 60,000 pounds for dual-wheel-gear.

Additional Runways
Runway 04-22 is a crosswind runway supporting Runway 16-34. Runway 04-22 is 4,000 feet by 75 feet with a true bearing of S40º03’75”W. There is one crossover taxiway from Runways 34 and 04.

Runway 16-34 and Runway 04-22 have runways with a runway edge or visual descent indicator lighting. This lighting includes medium intensity runway lighting, threshold lighting, runway end identifier lights, and a precision approach path indicator with four light indicator boxes positioned on the left side of the runway.