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Rental & Service Charges
Rental Charges
The rental charge for storage of aircraft at Atkinson Municipal Airport on a month-to-month basis is as follows.

Rental Fees Per Month

Hangar Type

Aircraft Type

Rental Fee

T-Hangar Single-Engine Aircraft


T-Hangar Twin-Engine Aircraft


Multiple Hangar Single-Engine Aircraft


Multiple Hangar Light Twin-Engine Aircraft


Multiple Hangar Aircraft gross weight of 12,500 pounds or more


Multiple Hangar Single/Twin Turbo Prop/Jet (Aircraft weight less than 12,500 lbs  $215
Six-Bay T-Hangar Single-Engine Aircraft

$130 per bay

Six-Bay T-Hangar Twin-Engine Aircraft

$317 per bay

Maintenance Building Northeast Stall


Maintenance Building Northwest Stall


Maintenance Building Southeast Stall


Maintenance Building Southwest Stall


Multi-Use Hangar Single-Engine to Light Jet


Large Single Box Hangar Rented to Private Business


Service Fees

Service Type


Heating of Aircraft Engine

$10 per engine

Power Assist to Start Engine


Power Assist Per Hour


Overnight Storage Per Night - Single/Light Twin    


Overnight Storage Per Night - Turbo Prop/Light Jet $50
Outsidde Aircraft Tie-Down Per Month


 Please click here to view the entire Airport Rules and Regulations