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Neighborhood Watch
Program Goal
No law enforcement agency can function effectively without the concerned assistance of responsible citizens. Organized neighborhood watch groups are a key component to alerting the Police Department to suspicious activities in your area.

How It Works
A neighborhood watch is a network of neighbors trained by crime prevention officers in home- and self-protection, suspect identification, and how to serve effectively as additional eyes and ears for law enforcement agencies in their communities.

Neighborhood Watch groups work effectively at the block level because people can easily see, recognize, and cooperate with one another in observing and reporting suspicious activities. Neighbors can see and hear activities occurring across the street, next door, and at property to the rear of their homes. They are the best resource at recognizing things that belong or do not belong in the neighborhood, such as vehicles and persons.

Get Involved
To get a Neighborhood Watch group started, simply talk to your neighbors. Discuss the crime problems in your area and talk about the value of a watch group. Then, contact the Police Department and discuss starting a Neighborhood Watch group in your neighborhood.

To learn more, please contact Lieutenant Jeff Woods at (620) 231-1700.