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Bike Patrol
The Pittsburg Police Department began the concept of bicycle patrol in 1999, and the Community Oriented Policing (COP) Council purchased its first police bicycle. In year 2000, the Morning Rotary and Noon Rotary clubs donated two additional police bicycles. The department then had three fully equipped black and white patrol bicycles, reminiscent of the old black and white patrol cars. Six officers were selected and trained for bike patrol.

Program Purpose
The bicycle program, although new to Pittsburg, is a proven patrol concept around the country. Bike patrol units improve community relations, increase visibility, and discourage crime. Pittsburg bike officers patrol in pairs downtown, around city parks, near ball diamonds, around schools, and at special community events.
  Bike Patrol Officers

Program Success
Thus far, the Police Department considers the bicycle patrol program to be an overall success. Not only are the bicycle officers able to interact more freely with citizens, bike officers often make more arrests and discover more crimes in progress than do officers in patrol cars.

For questions or more information about the Bike Patrol Division, please contact Major Melanie Schaper at (620) 231-1700.