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Scams & Frauds
Common Scams
Criminals who look to take advantage of unsuspecting citizens are not a new concept. However, with the advances in technology scams and frauds have become more complex and difficult to investigate, often leaving victims unable to recover substantial monetary loses. The use of mailings, telephone calls, and computer correspondence are common tactics used by individuals to gain access to your financial records and accounts. Today's common scams include:
  • Bank Examiner – This scam involves someone claiming to need your account information as part of a review or investigation. If a bank needs your account information, they should already have it and not need it from you, the customer. 
  • Bail Money – In this scam, callers claim a family member has been arrested, sometimes in a foreign country, and request the victim to wire money through a company such as Western Union to secure the family member’s release. No law enforcement agency would ever request a family member to wire money to the agency for any reason. 
  • Prize Award – For this scam you will receive mailings and phone calls claiming you to be the winner of a cash award and requesting financial information to pay “fees” or “taxes” on your winnings. Taxes and fees are always taken out of any prize award before it is received by the winner and their payment is not a condition of receiving a cash award. 
  • Roofing, Driveway Paving, and Home Repair – These scams normally involve the criminals coming to your home and offering to repair damage they have noticed, usually inflating the prices for routine products or taking money as a down payment and failing to do the work or returning to complete any work. Remember, reputable companies providing home repair services do not normally solicit business from door-to-door sales.

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