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  • Mandatory - All employees who work 1,000 hour or more in a calendar year will be automatically enrolled in either the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System (KPERS) or the Kansas Police and Fire (KP&F) retirement programs.
  • Voluntary – All employees who work 1,000 hour or more in a calendar year can enroll in the ICMA 457 voluntary plan and/or the KPERS 457 voluntary plan at any time during employment.

Life Insurance and Death Benefits

  • All KPERS covered employees have a Basic Group Life policy equal to 150% of the annual salary paid by the City.
  • All KP&F covered employees have Death Benefits that are automatically paid to the spouse and/or eligible children.
  • All newly enrolled KPERS and KP&F employees can apply for Optional Group Life insurance within 30 days of hire with a guaranteed amount up to $50,000 and up to $250,000 with proof of good health.  Premiums are based on age and amount of coverage.  Increases can be made with qualifying events and at open enrollment period.  Spouse and dependent coverage is also available.
  • All full-time employees are eligible to apply for $10,000 voluntary coverage through Standard Life and the City contributes 50% of the cost.  Dependent coverage is also available.

Disability Benefits

  • KPERS employees are eligible for a disability benefit based on 60% of the annual salary if approved.
  • KP&F employees are eligible for disability benefits based on 50% of the annual salary if approved. 

Group Health Care Coverage

Employee are eligible for coverage if they are consistently working on average of 30 or more hours per week and they can enroll at initial hire, open enrollment or due to a qualifying event (ex. Childbirth or marriage) for coverage for themselves and any eligible dependents.  The Health Coverage package consists of the following:

  • CoreSource Medical and MedTrax Prescription
  • Delta Dental  

Enrolled employees can help manage their own health care costs by using in network providers using the ProviDRs Care network and a Delta Dental contract dentist.  Enrollees can also reduce costs by communicating with the providers and using the MedTrax formulary and using generic medications whenever possible. 

Flexible Spending Accounts

Full-time employees can enroll at initial hire, open enrollment or due to a qualifying event through the TASC flex options below:

  • Unreimbursed out of pocket medical expenses
  • Child care expenses

Accident Coverage

Full-time employee can enroll in voluntary accident coverage through Allstate plan.  Premiums are based on the coverage level and who is being covered.  Dependent coverage is also available.

Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a resource to help with counseling, consultation and child and family services in the areas of concern which could include substance abuse, marital discord, family conflicts, job stress, self-doubt/low self-esteem, adjustment to divorce, bereavement, aging parents, legal and financial problems or physical and emotional problems.  These services are provided through Crawford County Mental Health.

Educational Assistance

Full-time employees are eligible to receive tuition assistance to help defray the cost of courses that will enhance an employee’s current job skill or to pay for a college degree to obtain a higher skill level and be more prepared for advancement opportunities. 


Full-time employees receive 10 paid holidays per year to include a designated floating holiday.  Firefighters receive six twenty-four hour shifts as paid holidays each year.  In addition, firefighters are awarded 11.2 hours of an additional or floating holiday; however, they must be employed on the designated floating holiday in order to receive the compensation.


Full-time employees immediately begin accruing vacation leave at hire each pay period and accruals increase based on the length of service to the City.  Employees are encouraged to take vacations for their enjoyment and well-being. 

Sick Leave

Full-time employees immediately begin accruing sick leave at hire at the rate of 3.68 hours per pay period for a maximum yearly total of 96 hours.  Employees may accumulate a maximum of 150 days of sick leave.

Sick Leave Pool

Full-time employees have the option of joining a Sick Leave Pool upon meeting requirements.  The Sick Leave Pool provides a continuing income to those members who are faced with a person major illness or accident and used all of their individual leave time. 
Benefits Contacts

KPERS:  1-888-275-5737  -  website  -  email  -  member portal

KPERS 457:  1-800-232-0024  -  website  - email  -  member portal

ICMA 457:  1-800-669-7400  -  website  - email  -  member portal

Standard Life:  1-888-937-4783  -  website  -  email  -  member portal

CoreSource Medical:  1-800-990-9058  -  website  -  member portal

ProviDRs Care Network:  1-800-801-9772  -  website  -  message 

HSTechnology:  1-800-292-0536  -  website  -  message  -  member portal

MedTrax Prescription:  1-800-771-4648 - website  - message  - member portal

Delta Dental:  1-800-234-3775  -  website  -  message  -  member portal

TASC flex:  1-800-422-4661  -  website  -  member portal

Allstate Accident:  1-800-521-3535  -  website  -  email 

Employee Assistance:  1-620-232-7283  -  website