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Eligibility for the Tax Rebate Incentive Program
Applicants must meet the following requirements to be eligible for the Tax Rebate Incentive Program:
  • Any property that is delinquent in any tax payment and/or special assessment shall not be eligible for any rebate or future rebate.
  • Commercial or industrial property eligible for tax incentives and any existing tax abatement program may submit only one application per period.
  • Construction of an improvement must have begun on or after the date of designation of the neighborhood revitalization area by the application taxing units.
  • New and existing property must conform with all other codse, rules, and regulations in effect at the time the improvements are made and for the length of the rebate or the rebate may be terminated.
  • Structure means any building, wall, or other structure, including the building and improvements to existing structures and fixtures assimilated to the real estate.
  • Tax rebate transfers will ownership of the property.
  • There must be a minimum investment of $10,000 on commercial and/or industrial property to receive a tax rebate.
  • There must be a minimum investment of $5,000 on residential property to receive a tax rebate.
  • There will be a five-year application period for the program. At the end of the five years, the tax entities will review the plan and determine its continuation. Those projects approved during the five-year period shall continue to receive the tax rebate for a full five years.

For questions or more information about the Tax Rebate Incentive Program, please contact the Community Development and Housing Office at (620) 232-1210.