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Incentives for Businesses
The City of Pittsburg can assist new or existing businesses with the following incentive programs.

State Programs

Enhanced Enterprise Zone

  • $1,000 state income tax credit for every $100,000 of investment
  • $2,500 state income tax credit per net new job
  • Must create two new jobs in manufacturing
  • Must create five new jobs if non-manufacturing
  • Sales tax exemption on construction materials

Promoting Employment Across Kansas (PEAK)
  • Offers businesses relocating to Kansas ability to retain 95% of payroll withholding tax
  • Companies required to create a minimum of 5 jobs in 2 years
  • Number of years withholding tax can be retained is based on average wage of relocated new jobs

Machinery & Equipment Property Tax Exemption
  • Commercial and industrial M&E is exempt from state and local property tax
  • Used in the expansion of an existing facility or establishment of a new facility

Job Training Programs
Kansas Industrial Training
The Kansas Industrial Training (KIT) Program is available to new or expanding businesses. 

Kansas Industrial Retraining
The Kansas Industrial Retraining (KIR) Program provides training to employees that become displaced due to obsolete or inadequate work skills.

Investments in Major Projects and Comprehensive Training
The Investments in Major Projects and Comprehensive Training (IMPACT) program is designed to respond to the training and capital requirements of major business expansions and locations in the state. 

Local Programs

Tax Abatement

Industrial Revenue Bonds

  • Building materials are exempt from state and local sales tax
  • Local policies must be checked first
  • Property financed with IRBs may be eligible for up to 10 years property tax exemption
  • Industrial Revenue Bonds Application
  • Industrial Revenue Bonds Guidelines

Sales Tax Revolving Loan Fund

  • Source of funds used as loan guarantees, loans or investment opportunities for industrial and non-competing retail, commercial and service business projects.
  • Revolving Loan Fund Application
  • Revolving Loan Fund Guidelines

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) 
  • Real estate development tool applicable to industrial, commercial and residential projects 

Community Improvement District (CID) 

Presbyterian Church Housing Fund 
  • Public purpose that promotes the expansion of the supply of Low and Moderate Income Housing

Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Rebate
  • The Tax Rebate Incentive Program is now available in the neighborhood revitalization area
  • It is a partnership between the City of Pittsburg, Crawford County, and USD 250
  • Provides communities with a long-term increase and stabilization in their property tax base by encouraging rehabilitation or new construction that might not otherwise occur
  • Provides a 5 year tax rebate for qualified investors within the improvement district

Community Development Block Grant Loans (CDBG)