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Quality of Life
Pittsburg is a a very affordable place to live. Housing costs are extreamly reasonable compared to other regions. Variety is more that the spice of life. It's the key to economic vitality. In Pittsburg  and the region, you will discover a diverse population that includes a powerful labor force and population over 200,000. 

As for regional economics, national statistics put us squarely in the category of "affordable" places to live.

Our housing, utilities, and other costs of living compare quite favorably with most markets our size, and when factored in with our abundant cultural and recreational opportunities, make us an attractive  area to raise a family.

Hiking/Biking Trails
The City has three hiking and biking trails within the community. The most recent is a mile long trail that follows a former railroad right of way beginning in midtown and stretches to the southern section of the community. In addition, volunteers renovated the 23rd Street Landfill into an adventure park for biking on the north end of Pittsburg. The bike park offers three different trails depending on ability level. The green trail is the easiest, featuring mostly dirt, while the black trails offer some stair-type drops, gap jumps and rougher terrain. The blue trails are between the two. Another hike-and-bike trail was created connecting Pittsburg State University to Meadowbrook Mall in the south end of Pittsburg.

Parks and Recreation
Pittsburg has a variety of parks located throughout the community. The largest, Lincoln Park, is located centrally at 710 West 9th and features an 18-hole golf course, aquatic center, baseball diamonds, batting cages, miniature golf, and much more. The Parks and Recreation Department offers many programs and activities throughout the year as well.

The Pittsburg YMCA, located at 1100 North Miles, just east of Lincoln Park, offers a co-ed fitness center, women's fitness center, gymnasium, swimming pool, whirlpool, steam room, sauna, aerobic center, child cae, dance room, gymnastics center, racquetball and cycling room.

Commercial Services                                            Health Facilities
Number of Hotels and Motels:  8                               Number of Hospitals:  1
Number of Rooms Available: 457                               Total Number of Beds:  188
Number of Conference Centers: 1                              Number of Medical Doctors: 61
Capacity of Conference Center: 1500                         Number of Dentists:  10