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Dance Hall
Download an application for a dance hall license.

A Dance Hall License is required of any person, firm, or corporation in order to conduct, pursue, carry on, or operate any public dance in any hall or public place or to permit dancing in such a place within the limits of the City of Pittsburg.

Definitions of Public Dance and Dance Hall
A public dance is defined as any dance to which admission can be had by payment directly, or indirectly, of a fee, or any dance to which the public generally may gain admission with or without the payment of a fee.

A public dance hall is defined as any room, place, or space in which a public dance is held.

The fee for an annual Dance Hall License is $150. A one-day license is available for $15. The annual license for a dance hall, if the building is also the location of a duly licensed drinking establishment, extends for the period covered by the license issued by the state authorizing the drinking establishment. If the building is not licensed as a drinking establishment, the annual dance hall license is issued on a calendar-year basis. All public dances are to be discontinued and all public dance halls are to be closed at or before 2:00 am.

Application Approval
The governing body of the city reviews all applications for Dance Hall Licenses. In addition, the fire chief must approve the location of the dance as being safe insofar as fire hazards are concerned. The building official also approves the dance location as being in compliance with the city's building, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical codes.