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Purchases by Requisition
Requesting Purchases
For non-emergency purchases that will exceed (or probably exceed) the $1,000 limit, the department head will fill out a requisition form in triplicate, keeping page three for their file, and submitting the top two pages of the requisition form to the city manager. Items bid, purchased, or contracted for on a yearly basis (i.e., airport fuel), items approved for purchase by the City Commission; and recurring expenditures need not be requisitioned. The requisition form shall include the following: 
  1. Date
  2. Vendor information
  3. The quantity, detailed description, and total cost (including freight charges, applicable taxes, and discounts) of each item requested
  4. Justification as to why the purchase is necessary
  5. The budgeted expenditure account to which the purchase will be charged

In those situations where it is difficult to obtain a firm price, indicate a fair estimate of the cost. Also, for items that require at least three price quotations, such information is required on the requisition form.

The city manager will review the requisitions to determine whether the item is needed, whether the item or service is budgeted for, or whether the purchase should be delayed until a later date.

The city manager will approve the requisition, reject it, or consult with the department head as to substitute procedures. Once the city manager approves the requisition, the purchase will proceed.

Copy one of the requisition form will be sent to the Finance Department to ensure proper encumbrance accounting and copy two of the requisition form will be sent back to the department head who may proceed with the purchase.