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Purchasing Policy
Purchases Defined
Purchases include any agreement or contractual arrangement for acquiring parts, supplies, and materials; new or used equipment; or services. Services include contracts for professional consulting work, employment of persons on a fixed-fee or non-payroll basis, appraisers, repair and maintenance work (whether materials are furnished by the city or contractors), and other similar agreements.

Emergency Purchases
An emergency exists if the results of a delay in purchasing will halt a city activity, endanger city personnel or the public, endanger city facilities, or endanger private facilities. Department heads should attempt to avoid emergency purchases. Such purchases will be recognized only if a bona fide emergency exists. In the event of an emergency purchase, a requisition after the fact will be sufficient to inform the city manager of the purchase.

Routine Purchases
Under $1,000
For non-emergency purchases under $1,000, the department head or other authorized employee may make such purchases without following the normal requisitioning process. When the goods are received, the department head should submit the invoice or sales ticket to the director of finance for review. Department heads will avoid splitting purchases into two or more parts to avoid the $1,000 limitation.

Over $1,000
For non-emergency purchases exceeding $1,000, the requisitioning process outlined below shall be followed. For non-emergency purchases exceeding $250, but not over $1,000, the department head shall make every effort to secure at least three price quotations. It is understood that in some cases, only one supplier is available. For non-emergency purchases exceeding $1,000 but not over $5,000, the department head shall secure quotations from three qualified suppliers. The only exception to this shall be purchases by requisition.