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Bid Policy
Bid Openings
Bid openings will be conducted in a public setting in the City Commission Room on the Tuesday before a regular City Commission meeting at a time published in the official bid documents. Temporary note and bond bids will be opened at a time published in the official bid documents on the date scheduled for the Commission meeting, during which meeting the purchase of the temporary notes or bonds will be awarded. Department heads are expected to attend the bid openings if an item from their department is included. If the department head cannot attend, a designated secondary person from the department should attend.

Department Responsibilities
It is the responsibility of the department head to notify the city clerk of all upcoming bid openings sufficiently in advance, including a copy of the bid sheets. After the bid opening, a formal summary sheet will be prepared that identifies the bids received, and the necessary staff review will be conducted as soon as possible. Attached to this summary should be a very brief memo that identifies why the item is needed as well as the departmental recommendation. This information should be forwarded to the city clerk and the city manager as soon as possible.